Design Portfolio

Honbo Casual Script is a custom font designed for the American-styled burger chain, Honbo. The font is designed to reflect the brand DNA while demonstrating its commitment to quality and hand-made techniques. The font includes ligatures, contextual alternatives, and 6 stylistic sets.

Collateral for a Pop-up Event for Parampara Jewellery. Design, custom typography, and illustration by Derek Matthew Auxier Black, 2021.
Cash Grotesque. This comes as a pro font with small caps, 40 western language support, and multiple weights. The original idea was inspired by vintage Johnny Cash wood type posters that I have hanging around my studio. This is an original design and not a historic revival, 2019.
Jemmie MadiSans was a 48-hour design challenge that my typeface design students asked me to complete. I completed this entire set of glyphs within 48-hours while teaching a 4-course load over the summer. I did not miss any lectures. It was a very fun challenge that I may wish to implement as an extracurricular activity for my students. This was originally based upon the 2 Lines of Caslon published in 1816, although the lowercase did not exist, 2019.
Branding Work for a podcast series titled 'An American in China'
An American in China is a podcast series discussing the current political turmoil in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China. I created the logo, branding guidelines, a few T-Shirts, posters, among other items to help establish their digital footprint. Follow them on Instagram @An_American_in_China and listen to their podcasts on iTunes or Spotify at An American in China, 2019.
A few custom logotypes from 2015: Sivatra is a small boutique specializing in women’s clothing developing a sustainable garment production in Thailand. Teacha provides the best teas conveniently available in your local convenient store. Jeanne M Lambin is a comedian.
Many of us have led extraordinary lives and Jeanne Lambin is a unique character that has led many unique qualifications and experiences. This sample of branding was to recognize the qualities that made her different, 2013.
A concert poster that I completed for Wynton Marsalis, an American jazz performer,, limited edition serigraph, no longer available, 2010.
A concert poster that I completed for Doyle Dykes, an American country acoustic guitarist,, limited edition serigraph, 20 prints left, 2009
A concert poster that I completed for Tommy Emmanuel, an Australian-American guitarist, songwriter, and singer,, limited edition serigraph, 36 prints left, 2009
Updated mascot design for the Madison Cubs High School. The sailor cap had to be retained due to the region’s historical ties with the water, 2008.